Jati Kusuma Indonesia is a company engaged in the field of retail furniture, has the main goal to meet various kinds of residential furniture needs, offices and agencies or institutions in Indonesia. The products we offer of course have basic materials and high quality and competitive prices. A brief history of Jati Kusuma from year to year is in Jepara, Indonesia.

Along with the development of time and provided with experience and professional human resources, we are committed to meeting the needs of quality furniture and offering competitive prices, highest appreciation and appreciation to loyal customers who have entrusted your furniture needs to Jati Kusuma, Trust what has been given must be upheld so that we can continue to exist and be able to provide more value, We hope to continue to provide innovative furniture products and the best service.

Our Vision

Becoming a professional, leading and innovative retail company in the field of furniture, enhancing competent human resources and Commitment To provide professionally optimal services to consumers by meeting the needs of innovative, quality and competitive prices.

Our mission

Providing varied furniture products, quality at competitive prices, experienced and professional human resources in providing and providing the best service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Jati Kusuma Jepara